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Directions for Use:
How to use LiceKiller and our Lice Repellant

Step 1 - Nit Glue Dissolver
Spray Nit Glue Dissolver on dry clean hair (wash out any other treatments). Make sure to saturate the hair (you can’t always see all the nits). Leave the Nit Glue Dissolver in the hair for about 20 minutes. After that, towel dry the hair and proceed to step two. NOTE: Keep the Nit Glue Dissolver out of the eyes.

Step 2 - LiceKiller
Apply LiceKiller very liberally to hair. You want the hair completely drenched in LiceKiller. Make sure to massage it into the scalp and hair so that there are no dry spots for Lice to find refuge. After you are confident that every single hair on the head is completely coated with LiceKiller from root to tip, cover the head with a plastic shower cap and leave it on for AT LEAST 20 minutes. For best results, we recommend you leave it for one hour.

After treatment, lean the head back over a sink or basin and use a lice comb to comb out the oil, the dead lice and the nits. RUN THE TEETH OF THE COMB ALONG THE SKIN OF THE SCALP TO SCOOP UP ANY AND ALL BUGS. Be sure to get all the nits you can see. Most of the lice and nits will be dead. While it is unlikely, it is also possible for some individual lice to survive. In every species, there are “survivors” that tend to be very hardy. This is normal and common. After you have combed out the hair with the lice comb, shampoo the hair with any shampoo.

After the hair is clean and dry, you might want to do a second combing with the lice comb. You should apply the Nit Glue Dissolver before the second combing to make sure you get ALL the nits out.

Finally, realize that this is a WAR, not just a few battles. Once Lice are in the group of family and friends you associate with, it is very easy to get a re-infestation. It is almost impossible for every family to get every Louse and Nit on every head. So inspect frequently to catch re-infestations early.

Step 3 - Lice Repellant
Use Lice Repellant as a measure to prevent future lice infestations. Lice especially like to live in the hair behind the ears and in the back of the head. Spray Lice Repellant on the scalp in these and other areas. It is not necessary to drench the hair with Lice Repellant. You want to keep the .lice away from your scalp. That is where they feed.

Remember, if there are lice infestations in your circle of family and friends, the best prevention is to be vigilant and check for lice and nits every night before bed until you are sure the war is over.

Head lice are spreading in almost epidemic proportions. It is now almost as common to catch head lice as to catch a head cold. Once lice are in a community it is impossible to completely eradicate them. Re-infestations are very common. You can FINALLY have your heads lice and nit free only to find that they have returned. You can be re-infested from the same people, different people, even from your own house! Nits attached to fallen hairs can hatch, then climb up to where they can get on the next head that sits on the couch or lays on the pillow.

It’s easy to become VERY frustrated thinking that you have missed some of the lice or nits even though you literally examined every square inch with a very fine-toothed comb. Our best advice is to conduct regular inspections and teach your children to NEVER touch their head to a friend’s head or try on their jackets, scarves or hats.

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